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Your India Guides

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

They do say "it takes a village" and here is yours!

Your India trade mission team is a group of dynamic and dedicated team of professionals with a wealth of experience in international business development and trade promotion. Committed to fostering global partnerships and facilitating trade relations, they brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise in areas such as market research, logistics, government relations, and cultural sensitivity. Their meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and unwavering enthusiasm will be key drivers to the success of this trade mission.


About the trade mission's "dreamer"

Trisha is based out of Florida - the Sunshine State - and where most global buyers arrive!


Trisha was born in Kolkata, India - a city put forever on the map by Mother Teresa and her immortal work. She was fortunate enough to have volunteered at the Missionaries of Charity Headquarters in her hometown.

Aside from a repertoire of degrees and designations, Trisha brings with her an inordinate desire to connect the two countries she calls home. India will always be the country of her birth, and the United States is her adoptive motherland which embraced her in her warm embrace.

Trisha is committed to helping real estate and development, collaboration and interaction grow across these two countries.

She calls it "shrinking the world to a meaningful handshake".

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Trisha Roy,

Instructor, Global and Sustainability Professional


Phone: 352 474 5032

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